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August 29 2017

Just a month away for spring and with it the first highlights, the arrival of good weather, dinners away from home ... do you think it is impossible to lose weight? We tell you the best tricks to lose weight three kilos in seven days without even realizing it and the healthiest way.
When the dates come to cover the new outfits of the season or to put on your party looks or your season premieres, something seems to say that to look them as they deserve you need to lose those three kilos that are left over. Does it happen to you? Do not be sad! Yes you can and without risk to health.
Because although it seems blogofweightloss.wordpress.com that no, yes you can lose in a week those three kilos of more quickly and without yo-yó effect. The question is, how? The expert doctor Ana Bellón gives us one of the answers "with a controlled diet that preserves our muscle mass and that attacks the localized fat which will favor a good results in the long term", assures us.
In addition, in order to lose weight, you should not let yourself be deceived by miracle diets or based on red tea, protein or "detox" shakes, because "the secret lies in combining a diet that helps you eliminate fat in addition to other habits and Protocols that redefine your silhouette, "says Marina Rulló, Director of Aesthetic Center RAME.
Anyway, the number one in nutrition give us some strategies and easy tricks to lose weight without suffering or go hungry that will make it much easier.

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